LP short film

LP, starring Mark Phoenix, is the short story of Stephen who buys a record in the vinyl store as a present. What he doesn’t know is that this record was already booked by another customer and he does not take it lightly. After stepping out of the store Stephen finds himself in a chain of events which are really hard to explain.


Written & Directed Nikita Kardakov & Anton Chebotov

Produced Anton Chebotov, Maria Kardakova

Director of Photography Annette Remler

Music Nikita Kardakov



Stephen - Mark Phoenix

Record Store Assistant - Aliona Ladus

Record Store Owner - Michael Johnson

The Gentleman - Anton Chebotov

Puppeteer - Tania Kukova

Busker - Nikita Kardakov

Tourists - Francesca Sgrò, Elena Brambilla

Marathoner - Gavin Tiffin

Cyclists - Ricardo Silva, Federico Sutter

"Mr. Chekhov” - Christopher Lennox-Hilton

Maid - Maria Kardakova

House Party - Grigoriy Kozin, Ekaterina Kozina, Elena Tikhonova


Camera assistants

Natalia Barbican

Chris Richard Rogers



Jaime Asensio


Sound design & mixing

Mariusz Langner


Colour grading

Annette Remler



Tamara Belova


On-set photography

Elena Terekhova